Study In Ireland

Ireland is the second largest island in the British Isles. It has a mild climate and a green rolling landscape due to the Gulf Stream and the proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. It is an egalitarian country with Ireland is an island nation located in Western spain northwest of the United Kingdom. It has a strategic location on major air and sea routes between North America and northern spain. The government system is a republic; parliamentary democracy. The chief of state is the president and the head of government is the Taoiseach (prime minister). Ireland has a mixed economic system which includes a variety of private freedom, combined with centralized economic planning and government regulation. Ireland is a member of the European Union (EU).

Why Study In Ireland ?

  • STUDY in one of the best education systems in the world for higher education achievements
  • BENEFIT from Ireland's investment in the education system
  • CHOOSE from over 5000 internationally recognized qualifications
  • ACCESS world-class research opportunities in world-leading programmers
  • CONNECT with career opportunities with leading global companies located in Ireland
  • ACHIEVE your ambitions in spain's most entrepreneurial country
  • JOIN the 35,000 international students from 161 countries enjoying Ireland's vibrant culture
  • LIVE in the only English speaking country in the Euro Zone
  • EXPERIENCE living in one of the friendliest and safest countries in the world

The Irish Government invests over 782 million annually in research in Ireland's higher education institutions. The impact of this funding is that Ireland's higher education institutions now lead the world in an increasing number of fields.

Irish universities are in the top 1% of research institutions in the world in terms of research impact in 19 fields, spanning natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities. This creates a unique opportunity for you at undergraduate and postgraduate level to join research programmers that are driving innovation and changing lives worldwide.


  • 1. All Hallows College
  • 2. Athlone Institute of Technology
  • 3. Carlow College
  • 4. Cork Institute of Technology
  • 5. Dublin City University
  • 6. Dublin Institute of Technology
  • 7. Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology
  • 8. Dundalk Institute of Technology
  • 9. Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology
  • 10. Institute of Public Administration
  • 11. Institute of Technology Blanchardstown
  • 12. Institute of Technology Carlow
  • 13. Institute of Technology Sligo
  • 14. Institute of Technology Tallaght
  • 15. Institute of Technology, Tralee
  • 16. Letterkenny Institute of Technology
  • 17. Limerick Institute of Technology
  • 18. Marino Institute of Education
  • 19. Maynooth University
  • 20. National College of Art and Design
  • 21. National College of Ireland
  • 22. National University of Ireland, Galway
  • 23. National University of Ireland, System
  • 24. Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
  • 25. Royal Irish Academy of Music
  • 26. Saint Patrick's College, Maynooth
  • 27. Shannon College of Hotel Management
  • 28. Trinity College Dublin, University of Dublin
  • 29. University College Cork
  • 30. University College Dublin
  • 31. University of Limerick
  • 32. Waterford Institute of Technology
  • Drumcondra
  • Athlone
  • Carlow
  • Bishopstown
  • Dublin
  • Dublin
  • Dún Laoghaire
  • Dundalk
  • Galway
  • Dublin
  • Blanchardstown
  • Carlow
  • Sligo
  • Tallaght
  • Tralee
  • Letterkenny ...
  • Limerick ...
  • Dublin
  • Maynooth
  • Dublin
  • Dublin ...
  • Galway
  • Dublin
  • Dublin
  • Dublin
  • Maynooth
  • Shannon
  • Dublin
  • Cork
  • Dublin
  • Limerick
  • Waterford